Used Fishing Gear in Appleton, WI

Posted by Joseph Roethig on


Fishing is a regular part of our lives in the Roethig household, in fact I've taken my sons fishing almost every day these past few months. The rods, reels, and all fishing gear on gets checked over to make sure it's going to work the way it needs to. Some may be here for parts and that will always be clearly noted in case you need backups for your vintage gear to keep original eyelets, grips, rod tips, reel handles, for the inevitable damage that comes with the territory of the avid fisherman.

Using our search for "fishing" will narrow it down quick.

We can help you with the old fishing gear you want cleaned out of the garage, depending on the situation we can offer to buy everything or sell it for you. Years ago you might have geared up heavily for chasing musky, but changed interest to pan fish or bass and are ready to downsize the musky gear. The boat gets cluttered, so does the garage, that tool shed, basement, even the attic sometimes. Make room for new rods, reels, lures, and get paid for everything not being used anymore in your setup.

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